SHAH ABDUL LATIF DIVISION (Fortune Favours the Braves)

Shah Abdul Latif Division has been named after the Soofi Saint of Sindh, SHAH ABDUL LATIF BHITAI. Shah Abdul Latif Division was established in August 1999. Shah Abdul Latif Division has the facilities of the indoor games and as well as recreational activities for the Cadets. Mr. Ali Muhammad is the current DO of Latif Division. The Divisional Officer of Shah Abdul Latif Division has no doubt, put in his great efforts in the affairs of the division and taking it to the prime position of the well maintained division of the college. The slogan of this amazing division is, “Fortune Favours the Braves”. Currently Latif division is on 3rd Position in overall Performance (Academics, Sports, Extra Curricular Activities and Discipline & Military Training and Commandant's Round)

House Master

Mr. Ghulam Akbar Mangi
Lecturer in Sindhi


Deputy House Master

Mr. Muhammad Nawaz Bhutto
Lecturer in Pak Studies



Cadet Mansoor
Divisional Cadet Captain