Notice Board

news 2018-03-16
Preparation for Examination Preparation for Examination @ Divisions / Hostel of Class IX and X, will be held
news 2018-03-05
Pre-Board Examination will be held from 05 March 2018 SSC-I & SSC-II (IX and X Class)
news 2018-02-15
INTERVIEWS - ENTRY 2018 Interviews will be held at College Campus w.e.f; 15-FEB-18 15-FEB-2018 Larakana Division, Sukkur Division and IX-Class Candidates 16-FEB-2018 Hyderabad Division 17-FEB-2018 Hyderabad Division & SBA (Nawabshah) 18-FE
news 2018-02-08
Terminal Examination Terminal Examinations of all Classes will be held at CCS From 08-FEB-2018 to 16-FEB-2018