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news 2021-09-01
Defence Day
Defence Day will be celebrated with Traditional Zeal and Zest, Speech Competition will be held at Iqbal Auditorium.
news 2021-09-01
XI Class Entry Test
Entry Test for admission in Class-XI will be held at CCS on 4th Sep 21. Medical and Interview will be held on the same day.
news 2020-11-30
Online Classes for respective classes (VIII-New & IX-New) will be held w.e.f: 26 July 2021.
news 2021-07-05
BISE Examinations
X Class (2018 Batch) 5 July 21
IX Class (2019 Batch) 7 July 21
news 2021-03-27
24th Parents Day
4th Parents Day Held on 27th March, Admiral Amjad Khan Niazi NI(M), Chief of the Naval Staff was the Chief Guest
news 2021-01-09
Winter Vacation Ends
College will reopen on 10 Jan 21 after Winter Vacation
Class-X 10 Jan 21
Class-IX 11 Jan 21
Class-XII 16 Jan 21
Class-XI 17 Jan 21
Class-VIII 24 Jan 21
news 2020-12-19
XII, XI & X Classes: Tuesday, 22 Dec 20
IX & VIII Classes: Wednesday 23 Dec 20
news 2020-09-02
New Intake Report 2020
Cadets of New Batch 2020, will report on 27 Sep 20
news 2020-03-15
Summer Vacation:
College will remain closed on account of Summer Vacation from 15 March 2020 to 31 May 2020
news 2020-02-12
Interviews for New Entry will be held at Cadet College Sanghar Schedule is given Below: 16 FEB: Karachi Division, KPK & Armed Forces 17 FEB: Hyderabad Division 18 FEB: SBA Division (Nawabshah) 19 FEB: Mirpur Khas Division & Punjab 20 FEB: Sukkur & L
news 2020-02-05
KASHMIR DAY: Kashmir Solidarity Day will be held at CCS, On this occasion, Declamation Contest will In Sha Allah be held. Cadets of 5 Divisions (Jinnah, Kazi, Latif, J/Sadiq and Effendi) will participate in this contest
news 2020-01-31
SANGHRITES MODEL UNITED NATIONS EDITION-I (S-MUN) (S-MUN) was held with full zeal and zest. Closing Ceremony of (S-MUN) was also held at CCS, Mr. Jalil Ahmed Lashari, Director School Education Secondary & Higher Secondary SBA & Member BoGs CCS graced the
news 2020-01-23
The Written Test for the Admission - 2020 will be held at following Centers of the Country on 26 JANUARY 2020 (SUNDAY): 1. KARACHI (Bahria College, Karsaz) 2. HYDERABAD (Public School Latfiabad) 3. SUKKUR (IBA Public School Sukkur) 4. NAWABS
news 2020-01-04
WINTER VACATION: Cadets will depart for Winter Vacation on 4th January 2020 and will report back on 19th January 2020.
news 2020-01-04
ANNUAL PARENTS' DAY: The 23rd Parents’ Day was celebrated on 4th January 2020 at Cadet College Sanghar. The Honourable Rear Admiral Zahid Ilyas HI(M) S Bt, Commander Karachi & Chairman BoGs was the Chief Guest on this occasion. In this grand ceremony, M
news 2019-12-30
COMMANDANT'S ROUND: Commandant;s Round of Division is going to be held on 30 December 2019 at all respective Divisions of CCS
news 2019-12-04
MARITIME AWARENESS CAMPAIGN Maritime Awareness Campaign was celebrated at CCS. A Quiz Competition was held in this regard
news 2019-12-11
TREE PLANTATION: Tree Plantation held at CCS in which fruitful saplings were planted by XI Class
news 2019-11-28
QIRAT & NAAT COMPETITION: Qirat & Naat Competition held at CCS on 28 Nov 19
news 2019-11-18
COMKAR VISIT: Rear Admiral Zahid Ilyas HI(M) S Bt Commander Karachi and Chairman BoGs CCS visited CCS on 18 Nov 19
news 2019-11-21
MID TERM EXAMS, Mid Term Exams are scheduled to be held from 18 Nov 19 to 26 Nov 19
news 2019-11-04
SPORTS GALA: CCS will be participating in Sports Gala, held at SST Public School, Rashidabad
news 2019-11-05
LONG WEEKEND : Cadets will depart on Long Weekend 6 Nov 19 (Wednesday) by 02:30 PM and will report back on 10 Nov 19
news 2019-11-05
IQBAL DAY: Iqbal Day will be celebrated at Cadet College Sanghar
news 2019-05-01
Germany & Turkey Visit Cadets of CCS will visit Germany & Turkey from 23 June 19 to 4 July 2019
news 2019-05-01
UK & Turkey Visit Cadets of CCS will visit UK & Turkey from 8 July 2019 to 19 July 2019
news 2019-05-04
Summer Vacation Summer Vacation at CCS from: 04 May 19 to 21 Jul 19 Cadets have to report at CCS on 21 Jul 2019
news 2019-04-17
New Intake Report: The Cadets of New Batch 2019, will report on 17th April 2019.
news 2019-03-20
Own A Tree Campaign: Outgoing Batch 2014, will perform Tree Plantation.
news 2019-04-10
Maritime Awareness A speech competition held at CCS on account of “Maritime Awareness”, in which 5 institutes participated.
news 2019-02-11
INTERVIEWS - ADMISSION 2019 Larkana & Wards of Armed Forces - 21.02.2019, Thursday Sanghar & Sukkur - 22.02.2019, Friday Hyderabad - 23.02.2019, Saturday Karachi - 24.02.2019, Sunday Nawabshah & Punjab
news 2019-01-22
ENTRY 2019 : Entry Test will In-Sha-Allah be held at following Centers of Sindh Provinces on 27 January 2019 (Sunday) at 08:30 AM: 1. Bahria College NORE-I, Karachi 2. Public School Hyderabad 3. Bahria Foundation College Mirpurkhas 4. Govt. Muslim
news 2019-01-06
Winter Vacation: w.ef: 06 January 2019 to 20 January 2019 Winter Vacation is going to be held at CCS. Cadet will report back on Sunday, 20 January 2019
news 2018-12-09
Admission-2019-2020 Admissions is in progress, for further details, please Click on and fill form.
news 2018-11-21
Eid Melad un Nabi (SAW) Inter Division Qirat and Naat Competition will be held at CCS Jama Masjid
news 2018-11-26
Mid Term Examinations: Mid Term Examinations will be held from 26 Nov 2018 to 4 Dec 2018.
news 2018-11-13
Closing Ceremony The Closing Ceremony of 17th All Sindh ICCSC-2018 will be held at CCS on 13th November 2018, Capt. Muhammad Ashraf Bhatti TI(M) PN, Commandant / Principal CCS will be the Chief Guest of the event.
news 2018-11-17
COLLEGE COUNCIL MEETING: College Council Meeting will be held at Conference Room of CCS, Captain Muhammad Ashraf TI(M) PN, Commandant / Principal CCS will grace the meeting as Chairman.
news 2018-11-16
COMMANDANT'S MEETING A formal meeting was held at Iqbal Auditorium on 16 Nov 2018, Captain Muhammad Ashraf TI(M) PN, Commandant / Principal briefed the cadets and staff about the upcoming events. Cadets informed to Commandant their issues and problems. F
news 2018-11-04
17th All Sindh Sports Championship 2018 will be held at CCS w.e.f: 4th November 2018 to 13th November 2018 in which Cadet College Petaro, Pakistan Steel Cadet College Karachi, Cadet College Larkana, Cadet College Pano Aqil, Cadet College Ghotki and Cadet
news 2018-09-27
World Maritime Day: World Maritime Day was celebrated at CCS, All Sindh Quiz Competition was arranged at CCS, in which 06 Institutes of Sindh participated: Cadet College Petaro, Cadet College Larkana, Bakhtawar Cadet College for Girls, Hayat Girls H/S Sch
news 2018-10-10
World Environment Day was celebrated at Cadet College Sanghar on 10th October 2018, In this connection a Walk was arranged in college Premises
news 2018-09-02
Inter–Division Sports Championship 2018-19
news 2018-09-06
National Defence Day (Inter Division Bilingual Declamation Contest will be held) at Iqbal Auditorium
news 2018-08-14
Independence Day Celebration Flag Hoisting Ceremony will be held on 14th August 2018
news 2018-08-06
College will reopen on 6th August 2018 after Summer Vacation. Cadet are directed to report on Sunday 5th August 2018
news 2018-05-12
1st General Test: Announcement of Results will be held on 14th May 2018
news 2018-05-09
Farewell Dinner and Musical Night will be held at CCS in the honour of outgoing Batch 2013, on 9th May 2018.
news 2018-04-23
Report after Short Leave. New Session 2018-19 will be commenced from 23rd April 2018. The Cadets of 2016 Batch and 2017 Batch report back on 22nd April 2018 (Sunday)
news 2018-04-03
Pre-Board Examinations of XI and XII is being held @ CCS
news 2018-04-10
Leave of Junior Cadets. After the Completion of VIII Class (2017 Batch) Annual Examination, Board Examination of IX Class (2016 Batch) and Board Examination of X Class (2015 Batch), Cadets will depart for Leave on 9th April 2018
news 2018-03-26
Annual Examination of VIII Class (Batch-2017) in progress
news 2018-03-16
Preparation for Examination Preparation for Examination @ Divisions / Hostel of Class IX and X, will be held
news 2018-03-05
Pre-Board Examination will be held from 05 March 2018 SSC-I & SSC-II (IX and X Class)
news 2018-02-15
INTERVIEWS - ENTRY 2018 Interviews will be held at College Campus w.e.f; 15-FEB-18 15-FEB-2018 Larakana Division, Sukkur Division and IX-Class Candidates 16-FEB-2018 Hyderabad Division 17-FEB-2018 Hyderabad Division & SBA (Nawabshah) 18-FE
news 2018-02-08
Terminal Examination Terminal Examinations of all Classes will be held at CCS From 08-FEB-2018 to 16-FEB-2018